Best Fantasy Sports Mentors

Best Fantasy Sports Mentors

I want to be the best fantasy sports player I can be.  To do this, I need to surround myself with winning players, the best content, and reach out to the best mentors.

With poker, I would sit and watch the top players battle each other, taking notes on their strategy.  Training sites ultimately allowed me inside the heads of some of the top players out there.  As mentioned in  my earlier post, this ease of information ultimately led to a lot of people learning how to play solid poker, very fast.  The key is to get in the game before the fish turn into sharks.

I have two friends that are winning fantasy sports players, Alex and Tommy.  I asked them for a list of the top fantasy sports writers to follow on Twitter.  Each of their lists shared these three names:

Evan Silva (@evansilva), Mike Clay (@mikeclaynfl), Jonathan Bales (@balesfootball)

Bales actually has a well reviewed book that I just bought:

Fantasy Football for Smart People: Daily Fantasy Pros Reveal Their Money-Making Secrets

Book review coming soon!

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