DFS Brain Fart

DFS Brain Fart

After a long Christmas vacation I am officially back on the grind. I have been chilling at my parents house over the holidays and have been playing alot of DFS basketball. I won five days in a row up until yesterday, when I made a huge brain fart…

I had been registering a ton of low stakes 50/50s throughout the morning with a lineup that I threw together in 4 seconds. Literally, 4 seconds. I just clicked random players so I would be eligible to register. I thought my games started at 4pm and I could got back a couple hours before tipoff and change the lineup to the ones I actually wanted to play. When I got back to my computer at 1pm I realized had signed up for the early games and they were already in progress. Fuck me, there goes $78 dollars down the drain.

It was a $78 learning mistake that I will not make again. Make sure to check the tip off time as well as the stake of the game before you register. With both Draftkings and Fanduel I have accidentally signed up for games with a higher stake then I intended to. Now signing up for a $5 game when you meant to sign up for a $1 game is not the end of the world, but imagine if the stakes were higher. Learn from my mistakes and make sure to set your filters before you sign up for any tournament.

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