Done With Poker

Done With Poker

I think I just played my last hand as a full time professional poker player. Over the past couple months I have slowly transitioned from poker to daily fantasy sports.  It is funny.  At first I was nervous about DFS and found excuses not to start playing. Now, it is all I think about. I eat, sleep, and smoke the NBA.

I am grateful for the opportunities poker has given me.  I will always be thankful for the people and places poker has introduced to me.  I knew it was time to hang it up when I couldn’t get motivated to grind during the Christmas holidays. The holidays for me have always been the GO time for poker. Everyone is on vacation and spending their Christmas money. The poker games have traditionally been lucrative during this time of the year. This year however, I found myself deeply enthralled in that day’s fantasy slate.

I have profited $900 so far this NBA season and I am confident enough in my game that I want to start aggressively pressing my bankroll. If I am going to do this full time, online poker will only be a distraction. *I plan on updating this blog more often to get my thoughts on paper and hopefully grow as both a DFS pro and a person.

Quite frankly, I do not have the time to be patient and grow my bankroll with zero risk. With half the NBA season almost over it is time to find out if I can do this full time or fail and have to get my first “job” at age 29…


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