Done with Fantasy Sports for the Moment…

Done with Fantasy Sports for the Moment…

I have been taking a vacation from the DFS world for the past month or so.  I ended up making a little over $5k for the entire NBA season.  Its always nice to book a winner but the daily grind of it all got to me.  About one month after starting this blog I began two other companies.  One I am no longer involved with and the other we launched two days ago.

What poker and DFS has taught me was to make every decision based on expected value (EV).  I saw the EV of learning DFS baseball and thought I could get a better return of my time and energy by focusing on…..guess what….DOG PONCHOS!

I love my little dog Zorro (aka; The little guy, Starfox, Guy-ball-jones, Paul) and never would have thought I would dress him up in anything, but I love these dang Ponchos.  I love them so much I have decided to quit DFS (for now), partner with my 70 year old retired neighbor, and wager my future on them.  They are handmade and come from authentic Mexican blankets.    If you have a dog check out Baja Ponchos!

Go Clippers.

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