FanDuel NBA Day 2 Recap

FanDuel NBA Day 2 Recap

I won my first H2H NBA tournament last night. In the FanDuel H2H format, you want to increase your floor. Avoid the high risk, high reward players, and go with the sure things. After all, you only need to beat out 50% of the field (one opponent) to be profitable. I will go over the good decisions I made and a few of my mistakes.

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Good Moves:

Donald Sloan. As a lifelong NBA Fan I usually at least recognize most names on any team. This was not the case with Mr. Sloan. Although the 76ers/Pacers game had a low over under of 189.5, I still focused on this game because Philly can’t play defense, and the Pacers are so banged up, they were forced to give minutes to no namers like Sloan who were on a minimum salary.

Roy Hibbert. When I saw how low his salary was I was shocked. George broke his leg, Lance is in Charlotte, and West was injured. The only offensive option from last year’s playoff team was Hibbert. This means he would get a lot of double teams, but also a lot of touches, and a ton of minutes.

Bad Moves:

Wes Johnson. I ran this guy on Tuesday and Wednesday and he came up short both times. You look at him, a former lottery pick on a team with a lot of injuries facing a fast paced Phoenix team priced at a reasonable $4600. Well there is a reason he has bounced around the league, the guy can’t play, even when given multiple opportunities.

Paul Milsap.  Milsap was a bit overpriced at $8600. I actually brain farted and thought Horford would be out so Milsap would get a lot of touches. As proven last year, he can play ball and put up big stats when given touches. Had I known Horford was back, I never would have played Milsap at this price. Luckily, it didn’t end up costing me.



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