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Its time for you to join the next generation of fantasy sports. Daily and weekly fantasy sports play is quickly becoming a awesome variation to the fantasy sports world. Leading the way over the last several years is FanDuel. FanDuel has been in the fantasy sports business world for over four years and provides an amazing interface for you to quickly, and efficiently build your game winning rosters and match-ups. Now is the time to sign up and receive amazing bonus opportunity that actually doubles your initial deposit!Once you are set to go choose between four key game type options to best meet your need. Each specific game type within FanDuel offers various prize amounts and winning percentages based on the preset rules and entry fee for to specific game you join.

Here are the core four FanDuel games you may enter to play:

Tournaments are a great way for winning amazing prize amounts for stellar play. Join thousands and hash it out each week. Tournaments have a guaranteed prize amount for various finishing placements. While the odds may tough with more players the payouts are great! This is a fun way to test your football acumen after you get your deposit match! Try it out!

A League can have as many as 3 – 250 Players at a time with various entry fees and costs. These contests must have a set number of participants in each match. If for any reason that number is not met the entry will be returned to you and that match will not take place.

50/50 Leagues
This type of league allows those participants who finish in the top half to all receive an equal share of the prize pool while the lower half receives none. Similarly to standard league play, the game must be full to run.

In Head-to-Head (H2H) matches, you have only one other opponent. You may create your own open game inviting other FanDuel participants to take you on. FanDuel does not match you as each player selects an opponent or starts a match open for opponents to join.

Fantasy Sports can be and amazingly fun experience and FanDuel provides the premiere platform for weekly play. Start today by claiming your FanDuel Deposit Bonus NOW!

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fanduel promo code