Frustating Day But Confident In My Play

Frustating Day But Confident In My Play

Yesterday was the first time I felt 100% confident with my lineups. Every single player had a great match up and was projected to see around 35 minutes of action. I wagered a total of $50 across 15 different cash games, even threw in some $5 games. Although I didn’t get swept, the day turned out to be a losing day (-$18).

I wrote about the three players I would roster in every single lineup. As predicted, Dieng saw big minutes and performed well, producing 32.4 FDPs. The other two, well that’s a different story.

I was very confident in my Iman Shumpert pick. He was coming off a 46 FDP night, Melo was nursing an injury, and he had an outstanding matchup against a sick Kevin Martin and a depleted T-wolves team. Although he played 28 minutes he only managed 7.3 points. Had he hit his average of 22.5 points I would have had a profitable day.

Bennett. Man I don’t know. I still like the pick, but the reports I was reading told me he was going to start. He ended up coming off the bench for only 14 minutes, giving me 11.6 points. With a substantially smaller PER than Dieng this was my riskiest “safe pick” of the night. Luckily at a minimum salary it didn’t destroy me.

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