Mo Williams Says Lebron Lacks Courage

Mo Williams Says Lebron Lacks Courage

In an interview with local Minneapolis KARE11 News, Timberwolves’ point guard Mo Williams was asked about the similarities he sees between his former team mate Lebron James and current one, Andrew Wiggins. Williams had this to say…

“Man, both have all the natural gifts in the world. I think Andrew might be faster end to end but Lebron is one of the strongest guys in the league.”

When asked what the biggest difference he saw between the two, William smirked and bluntly announced…

“Courage. LBJ was too afraid to fail in Cleveland and again in Miami. Listen, he is the King for a reason. But remember, Prince Joffery didn’t deserve to be king.  Andrew’s got a lot of athleticism and potential and even more heart. It’s only a matter of time until he puts it all together.”

William’s has not been shy about publicly going after his former running mate since their trip to the 2010 Eastern Conference Semifinals.


William’s evaluation of the rookie comes with interesting timing as Wiggins has recently been already labeled as timid.

Is the veteran deliberately taking a shot at Lebron or only trying to pump up the confidence of the Wiggins. One thing is for sure, the 13 year veteran certainly has his motives.

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