Online Poker to Fantasy Sports

Online Poker to Fantasy Sports

My name is David.   I am a 28 year old professional poker player.  I have played poker for 11 years, professionally for the last 6.  I don’t claim to be one of the best poker players in world.  In fact, if you look at my poker game purely from a skill level standpoint, I would be quite average.

Yet in my 6 years of supporting myself through poker I have had only one losing month.  How can an average poker be a winning poker player?  Game selection, patience, and hard work.  I play medium stakes.  I am the person that takes your $200 birthday present from Grandma.  In other words, I don’t sit down and play against someone who I think is better than me.  I play conservative and calculated, never risking more than a fraction of a fraction of my bankroll.  I have been in the game too long and seen too many shot takers go broke trying for the big score.  For every Dan Colman, there is a million “almosts” and “what-ifs”.

I love poker but it is not the lucrative career it once was.  Government regulations, training sites, and an inundation of young talent has created a poker ecosystem of an increasing number of very good players and a decreasing number of bad to mediocre players.  Since 2012 when I became aware of this problem I have been looking for a way to protect myself in case things gets worse.  After all, will online poker still be around in 10 years?  As Kenny Rogers once eloquently put it, “You have to know when to hold em, know when to fold em”.

Poker has given me the freedom and opportunity to try my luck at a handful of ventures and side projects.   I founded an online golf company, do consulting work, and dabble in affiliate marketing.

So what’s next?

This blog will document the transition from online poker professional, to fantasy sports professional.  I plan to use the lessons poker has taught me and apply them to fantasy sports.  People are making good money off of fantasy sports, and if they can do it, why can’t and I?

Other than being a die-hard NBA fan (Go Cippers!) I have very little experience in sports betting or fantasy sports.  I once came in 2nd in my 2011 Yahoo football league for $60.

I see ads for these fantasy sports sites popping up all over TV and the internet.  It reminds of the poker ads back in the early 2000s.  If the pattern follows the “poker boom”, I expect a flood of idiots (fish) into the fantasy sports market.   I am confident in my ability to exploit fish.  So here goes, hope you enjoy.

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