Rotogrinders Incentives Review

Rotogrinders Incentives Review

Last week I purchased the Rotogrinders Incentives package for daily fantasy basketball research on Fanduel. Although it comes in at a pricy $99, the value of gaining any edge long term makes it well worth it. With poker I paid for many 3rd party subscriptions and platforms (Sharkscope, Sharkystrator, Poker Tracker to name a few). Although no one likes to see money coming out of their pocket, I know that there is no way I would be a winning poker player without these tools. I figured the same would be true for fantasy sports.

There are a handful of other sites that offer their own paid subscription and tools. Rotogrinders has established themselves as one of the premier leaders in the daily fantasy sports world so I decided to test them out first. I have to say that I now check their daily research tool before I set any of my lineups. Let’s break it down.


Presentation of key information and statistics. To be a successful daily fantasy sports player you need to shift through and internalize a lot of information, specifically numbers. What I like about Rotogrinders is they find the important information and present it to you in a color coded format so you know exactly which data is important. It is important to note that all this data is public and can be found through other free platforms. For example, if I wanted to see the Vegas lines for tonight’s games I could hop on any sports betting site and have instant access to this information. With Rotogrinders, they present the spread and over/under but also color code it to show the games with a high total over/under to target players in. Read here to learn why this is important.

Daily Matchup Charts. Exploiting matchups is one of the most important aspects of beating fantasy sports. Rotogrinders has great daily matchup charts that show players, their position, and how well their opponent defends that position. Take these numbers with a grain of salt as they are only averages and do not take into account anomalies like injuries.

Hoop2410’s H2H, DraftCheat’s Tournament and Notorious’ Bargain Bin Ballers Picks. I like looking at the “pros” choices because it allows me to get inside the head of a winning player. It is better to know why someone chooses a player, than to just know that you should choose that player. When they actually write out why they go with a certain player I can follow their logic and grow myself as a player.


Expert Consensus Rankings. This page really seems like a waste of space. For the reason I like the “pro’s” picks is the same reason I do not like the consensus ranking. They rank players 1-5 with no reason or explanation why.

Expert Chat. An hour before tip off, an expert comes online into a chat room and we get to ask him questions. Although the concept is cool, the execution is terrible. You have 60 players asking specific questions about their lineup. The pro obviously cannot answer every question, it is quite the “clusterfuck”.

NBA Lineup Alerts. The alerts notify you of any injuries right before tipoff. It is hard to blame this on Rotogrinders, but the information I have received has not been 100% accurate. It seems that coaches will say a certain player is playing, the media will report it (along with Rotogrinders), and then that coach will make a last second decision to sit the player. Hardly Rotogrinders fault, but still annoying.

Overall I would recommend the Rotogrinders Incentives Package to anyone that seriously wants to play daily fantasy basketball. I purchased one for Fanduel and plan to purchase another one for Draftkings.

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