RotoLimbo Annoucnes Plans to Launch in Apple App Store & Desktop

April 9th 2015. RotoLimbo announced today their plan to launch for desktop and the Apple App store for the start of the 2015 NFL season. The app delivers users a unique fantasy sports gaming experience, combining the fantasy sports market with the simple “yes or no” of Tinder and the business model of Candy Crush or Clash of Clans. RotoLimbo is based in Santa Barbara, California and was created for the casual sports fan to enjoy fantasy sports.

“There’s no fantasy sports site that has taken aim at this freemium business model,” stated Owner/Creator, Tommy Lutz Jr. “Our goal is to introduce fantasy sports to the casual fan, as well as create innovative market trends that the daily fantasy sports players will enjoy.

RotoLimbo presents users a sports player and their projected fantasy sports score and allows the user to select if the player will go “over or under” the projected fantasy score. The app offers two games, which include a weekly game comprised of up to 60 players, as well as a season long campaign mode with eight levels to complete. To help gain and maintain users, we will offer users chances at winning real money prizes based on the leader boards.

About RotoLimbo

Rotolimbo is a free to play, pay to better your chances fantasy sports game.

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The Campaign Map

Each NFL division is a level containing 30 challenges to complete.

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Game Play

Users are given a fantasy sports player and their fantasy sports projection for their upcoming game. Users select if the player will go “over or under” the projection. Users can move the projection 1, 2, or 5 points by using coins, which can be won or purchased with real money in the app. There are 2 games in RotoLimbo; A weekly game and a season long game.

Weekly Game

Users select from 60 total players, receiving 10 per day between Tuesdays–Fridays, with a bonus group of 20 that can be purchased using coins. Once users make their picks for the day they have the options of waiting until tomorrow for the next day picks or spending coins and getting those future players immediately. Every selection guessed correctly will reward users with a point, which goes towards the weekly leader board and the season leader board. Each week cash prizes will be rewarded to the leaders of that particular week.

Season Long Campaign

The eight NFL divisions are placed on a map of the United States and act as levels, with each having 30 Challenges to complete. An example of a challenge is the “quarterback challenge,” where users have to correctly guess the “over or under” on the quarterbacks of the selected division. New levels unlock over time by completing prior levels, sharing with friends, or spending coins. Completing challenges gives users points for the season long leader board and also awards trophies, which in turn gives the user more coins to spend.


Coins can be used to move the athlete’s fantasy projections, get more sets of players, and unlock levels. Coins can be won by completing achievements or purchased for real money.


As of now, cash prizes are still being determined.

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