All Star Break Update

All Star Break Update

There might be a lot of differences between being a daily fantasy basketball pro, and an actual NBA pro but at least we both get a break away from the game during the All Star Break.  This has got to be one of the longest NBA All Star breaks ever.  The first few days, Nicole and I drove 500 miles down the coast of Baja Mexico to Guerrero Negro where we got to pet baby grey whales.  It was awesome.  No internet, just desert, beach, tacos, seafood and everything that makes Baja so special.

When I look back on the first half of the NBA season I am very pleased with my progress.  I have probably played 80% of the possible days I could play and have turned my initial $1200 investment into $5400.  I have made some big mistakes a long the way and I expect my win-rate to increase for the remaining part of the season.  Here is a couple tips I wish I would have known at the start of this venture…

1.  Choose one site and master it.  In the beginning I was playing on both Fanduel and DraftKings.  With NBA, last minute news comes out right before lineups lock and I found myself only having time to feel comfortable with a lineup on one site.  As soon as I started playing strictly on Fanduel, I saw my winrate increase.

2.  Don’t play too many lineups.  There were times I was entering 15- 20 different lineups in my cash games.  I was breaking even because I simply could not beat the rake.  It seems that top pros choose 1-3 lineups and stick with them.  You are going to have to fade players you like, and make a stand somewhere.

The 2nd half of the NBA season is supposed to be where all the fish are gone and the sharks feed on eachother.  Considering we are in the prime of the DFS boom, I don’t anticipate this to happen too drastically, but we will see.  I am currently wagering between $400 and $600 a day and hope to be betting $1000 a day by the end of the season.  What happens when NBA is over?  On to my least favorite sport (to play), MLB.  I get to start all over and learn a new game.

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